My old blog had a distinct purpose: travel writing. This new blog will include travel writing but also other stuff going on in my life. At the very least it will be a record for me to look back on in the future and, if I ever getting around to writing that book that both Grandma and Mema want me to write, it will be great source material.

As the world is rapidly swapping books for e-readers and making digitally applying for and signing apartment leases the norm I’ve felt it necessary that I pick up some technological skills which is yet another good reason for me to start this blog. At my job I’ve relished learning to use Excel. How many of us can use it with ease? It’s a beast learning all of the functions. As tasks come up I’ve been googling how to do them and through trial by error I’m becoming proficient and comfortable with Excel! Another technological skill I’ve been wanting to learn is coding. Well, I haven’t taken a class yet or tried to teach myself one of the myriad coding languages out there. Instead, I’ve started familiarizing myself with the language surrounding creating and hosting websites, specifically in relation to personal blogs. A month ago, I registered my domain name (2blueeyes.com) and researched which blogging platform (wordpress, blogger, squarespace) would work best for me. It has been a fun journey learning about google analytics, effective use of categories and tags, and all the other stuff that goes along with creating a well-organized blog. Lastly, I’ve discovered the website Bloglovin’ which, like Reddit and Instagram, has become another way for me to consume interesting media.

This blog is an avenue for me to continue learning and a way for me to put the new technological skills I’m learning into practice. Cool stuff.

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