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TGIF: So close to the weekend.

Have you ever read a book or watched a movie where you know a miscommunication has happened between characters and if you could only just step into their world you would be able to explain the whole thing and everyone could just laugh it off as one big misunderstanding? I feel like that’s me today. A perfect cocktail of phone tag, a hot-headed homeowner, and mislabeled extension lines involving two of our offices created a situation that had me feeling like I was watching a less than comedic comedy of errors. It’s been resolved but it was frustrating feeling like I held the key to unlocking the solution and no one would take the key off my hands.

Again, TGIF. This weekend is going to be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to relaxing tonight and playing through the latest Minecraft update for PS3. They’ve added new biomes, iron golems, and a bunch of new trophies to unlock. I enjoy this game so much but lately it’s even gotten boring for me. This new update should add some exciting new elements to an old favorite.

Tomorrow, we’re going to a Chile Pepper Festival downtown and then later in the evening we’re going to watch the Phoenix Ballet perform a free concert in the park. Now that the weather is cooling off enjoying a food festival or performance in the park doesn’t sound like a crazy idea! Check out my TGIF post from last Friday if want and have a great weekend!


TGIF: 9-25-2015


3 thoughts on “TGIF: So close to the weekend.

    • haleepagel says:

      The Chile Pepper Festival was a lot of fun. Delicious food from a ton of vendors and some very tasty “spicy” margaritas! You should go next year. It’s held at the Phoenix Public Market.


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