ROY G. BIV Library

Banning my cell phone from my night stand has helped me sleep better and read more books.

A built-in bookshelf. Our 1 bed/1 bath, run of the mill apartment has a built-in bookshelf! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it. Although, at the time we moved in I didn’t have the bulk of my collection with me. A few months later I did was reunited with my books and lovingly placed them onto five of our six shelves and, combined with Adam’s books, our home library is off to a nice start. Looking at all the books we have has inspired me to get back into reading.

Since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to read more. There’s no quota I’ve set for myself, just more of a general “Halee, read more!” sentiment. I’m proud to say it’s working! The decision to move my phone off the night stand and onto the floor at the end of the bed has greatly improved the amount of time I spend reading each night. Usually, I would use my phone for an hour before getting to sleep – well, I would do everything but use my phone to make calls or texts. I was on the internet for an hour before bed. That’s what was happening. And you know what? I wasn’t sleeping well. Perusing the internet, even with the brightness dimmed to its lowest level, hurt my brain and my eyes. It was time for a change.

Back in April of this year I found Changing Hands Bookstore. A bookstore after my own heart. It incorporates some of my favorite things: books, used books, beer, sea-salted chocolate chunk cookies, and trivia nights. The whole package, right? I know! Not only is there a bar in the middle of the store, it also has the most appropriate name: First Draft Book Bar. Perfection. We’ve been to a few trivia nights so far hosted by Marshall Shore, Phoenix’s Hip Historian. I’ve learned more about Arizona’s history at these events than I have visiting any of the museums in town or during various trips up to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I’ve bought a few books from Changing Hands and I am trying to read through the ones that have sat dormant on my shelf since my high school days of buying too many books at Borders (do you remember that place?).

Check out what I’ve read so far in 2015 by clicking HERE! Do you have any good book recommendations for me?

Which of the 8 home libraries above is your favorite? Personally, I like the photo of the upstairs library with red walls and books surrounding the window.


7 thoughts on “Banning my cell phone from my night stand has helped me sleep better and read more books.

  1. Shane says:

    This is something I’ve been thinking about experimenting with.
    My screen usage is pretty high. I currently use an app called “flux” on my laptop so that I can remove the blue light from the screen at a time of day that would simulate a natural sunset – its pretty smart. I was using something similar on my Android phone but of course that led me to use my phone more in bed / keep me from sleep.

    Reading more books is high on my list. Because of our limited space, I’ve now switched over to a kindle which I hope will take the place of my phone at night.

    My idea is to designate or build some sort of charging station outside of the bedroom for all devices / gadgets – hopefully this will lead to more reading and sleeping!

    Oh and the library with the couch and the books in the background above definitely matches my taste!

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