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What makes a house a home?

Looking for writing inspiration I sought out a writing prompt generator. Thanks to, The Daily Post, I’ve found a few prompts that have stirred the creative juices in my brain’s melting pot and I’ve written a couple of posts!

This first post is:

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”: Name five things in your house that make it a home.

Check out my list!

My list:

1. red couch

This was the first piece of furniture Adam and I picked out together. It was during the afternoon of Super Bowl Sunday 2015 that we pulled up to the furniture store on a mission to buy a couch. There was no furniture in our apartment other than a coffee table. Eating our meals on the floor was no fun especially because there were no pillows for us to sit on. We picked one of the best times to go since hardly anyone else at the store. Browsing the large show room we tested out so many couches; big and small, leather and suede, comfortable and uncomfortable. It took us some time to narrow down our likes and find a compatible option and when we did it was exciting. Our first couch! We measured twice and made sure it would fit in our combination dining/living room. Well, we should have measured twice because it’s about 4 inches too long and cuts off the patio door. No worries! The problem has been solved by moving the sofa away from the wall. I works out for the best since now we’re not covering up the full length window. It’s been a while since all the buying, installation, and rearranging. Our red couch is a centerpiece in our apartment, big enough to hold a gaggle of friends. It’s even large enough to sleep two people! Hint, hint – come visit!

2. cards and letters

Every single card and letter I’ve received I’ve kept, all of them. A good portion of them are with me in Phoenix. Pulling them from the dark corner of the closet and reading through them brings a smile to my face. The only thing I wish is for a copy of the cards and letters I’ve mailed to complete the other half of the dialogue.

3. family photos

How great are digital photography and the internet? These two things alone have made sharing and saving family photos so much easier. Now, if only there were a robot that would tirelessly scan and upload all of our family photos from the large albums they’re sitting in.

4. my baby blanket

I still sleep with my baby blanket. Now that I think about it, I use my baby blanket as a second pillow, one that I can arrange in just the perfect way under my neck. It’s been with me everywhere I’ve traveled and is very useful in keeping me warm during a long plane flight and has acted as my only pillow during nights when there just wasn’t one.

5. travel TRINKETS

They serve as reminders of where I’ve been and a great way to share stories about where I’ve traveled. I know my house is my home when I’ve taken the time to unpack and display the small and sometimes delicate travel souvenirs I’ve collected.

What about you? What makes your house your home?

What makes a house a home?

What makes a house a home?


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