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It’s FRIDAY and I could not be more excited for the weekend. There is a lot happening this weekend leaving very little time for relaxing but that’s okay. Tonight, we’re going to hang out at home and probably play some of our board games.

On SATURDAY, I’m taking my wedding dress in to an alteration’s shop to get a quote and discuss a timeline of the needed work. I’m excited to get a seamstress’ opinion on what work needs to be done and I’m nervous to hear the cost. I’m seriously hoping the necessary alterations are going to be minor and come with a small price tag! After that we might head over to the Maricopa County Home Show (I know you’re reading this Mema, want to go? I’m gonna call you later today!). Here is one exhibit I’m looking forward to:

Maricopa County Home Show: TINY HOMES STREET OF DREAMS

Get an eyeful of the 8 uniquely decorated tiny homes that will be on display for curious attendees to walk through and see how adventurous homeowners live comfortably in 400 sq ft or less. Plus, meet Tiny House Expedition blogger and documentary filmmaker, Alexis Stephens, only at the January 15-17 Home Show.

And sometimes I think our ~650 square foot apartment is tiny; I couldn’t imagine living in a space that is 400 square feet or less! After the home show we’ll meet up with some friends to watch the Packers v. Cardinals football game. We’re gonna try and find a sports bar downtown to watch the game. If we don’t find one we like we’ll probably end up at the brewery up the street from our apartment, Sun Up. Not really sure who I’m rooting for….my dad is a Packers fan but I live in Arizona now……

TGIF: 1/15/16 Packers v. Cardinals

Packers or Cardinals???

And on SUNDAY, we’re spending time with my dad and later having friends over for a board game night. Speaking of board games, I have this massive wish list going that keeps growing. I think the next game I would like to buy is Zombicide. That game is so much fun!!!!! It’s a semi-cooperative game where you try to complete your goals and survive as zombies are populating and trying to eat you. Seriously, so much fun!

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Friday!

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