Knitting Projects: My First Accomplishment

My weekend was just as busy as I was expecting. An extra day of sleeping would have been much appreciated. But, the new week is here and already halfway done!

Over the weekend I finally finished up my first knitting project. And let me emphasize the phrase, “I finally finished up”, because I have been working on knitting the same square dishcloth for the last, umm, 10 months?? Yeah, Mema made the executive decision that I should throw in the towel (haha, get it?) on my first project and start a new one. Practice makes perfect and now that I’m not a true beginner anymore starting fresh with a new project will be a much better way for me to put my skills to the test.

Knitting Projects, My First Accomplishment

It’s a relief to be finished with the dishcloth. Sometime soon I’ll start on a new one. But for now, I’m happy to be cleaning the dishes with my misshapen cloth! Here is a close-up:

Knitting Projects, My First Accomplishment

I hope someday to be so skilled at knitting that I’ll be able to knit during band practice like one of our lady percussionists does when it’s not her turn to play. She certainly takes knitting to another level!



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