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TGIF: Yay for the weekend!

Donuts and Coffee - 2BlueEyes - Hallelujah, it’s Friday! On my way to work this morning I stopped by my usual donut shop and picked up a breakfast of champions: two chocolate sprinkle donuts and a large coffee. Most Fridays I make a point of stopping at the donut shop and without fail I order two chocolate sprinkle donuts and a large coffee. I’ve had an idea to write a review of the best donut shops in Phoenix but that idea won’t see the light of day if I continue frequenting the same shop and ordering the same donut each week. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. As a side note, what is the right way to spell donut? As I’m typing this post the red squiggly spelling error line is underneath each donut in this paragraph. Obviously, you won’t be seeing this right now but it has me thinking about the etymology of the word donut. Are you an adventurous donut eater? Or are you like me and stick with what you know?

This week our amaryllis flowers have opened up and blossomed into gorgeous red blooms. They were a gift we received from a business partner just before Christmas and at the Amaryllis flowers - 2BlueEyes - beginning of January they started to shoot up out of the bulbs. In about 6 weeks’ time they have grown a foot and a half and blossomed. I’m glad they’re sitting on my desk because they are beautiful to look at. Although, now that they’re flowering we are moving into unknown territory. How am I supposed to care for them after their flowers die? Anyone have experience with amaryllis or bulb care?

Tonight we’re meeting a friend downtown for First Friday. On the first Friday of each month a portion of Roosevelt is closed off to traffic and food trucks and artists line the street selling things. It’s a really fun hangout place. Also, local attractions are free in the evening, like the Japanese Friendship Garden, Heard Museum, and Phoenix Art Museum. We still haven’t checked out the Phoenix Art Museum so we may try going there tonight. We’re definitely stopping by The Breadfruit & Rum Bar for a cocktail. They’re a Jamaican restaurant and bar that boasts 150 different types of rum!

Either Saturday or Sunday we’re going to the Phoenix Golf Open.  My boss was kind enough to get me two tickets. This will be my first golf tournament and Phoenix Open 2016 - 2BlueEyes - I’m not sure what to expect. Lots of khakis, loafers, and shushing? I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes! The weather is supposed to warm up into the 70s this weekend and it will make being outside pleasant. Their website makes it clear that cell phones must be silenced or set to vibrate. This will be a very different experience compared with a baseball game where everyone is talking and laughing in the stands and cheering as the players come up to bat. I’m looking forward to it!

Happy Friday and hope everyone has a great weekend!

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