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The past week.

The past week has been filled with lots of fun things. I planned a trip to Ottawa for May. Met up with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. And successfully built furniture from IKEA. Here are some photos I’ve taken along the way.

I have been dying to see The Book of Mormon since I first heard about it in 2011. Many of my friends have seen it and keep telling me to buy tickets. Adam and I missed our chance to see it last fall but we are prepared this time around. Our tickets are for next year! May 2017 hurry up and get here! Now, if only Hamilton would go on tour and come to Phoenix. I would be so happy!

Salsa festival!! #Phoenix #Arizona #salsa

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Last Saturday, we went to the salsa festival at Steele Indian School Park. The best park about having a huge city park across the street from us is we can walk to the events hosted there! There were so many people sharing their salsas; restaurants, companies, regular people, and even a group of firefighters. There was a live band and delicious margaritas. For me the highlight of the festival was seeing two 12 week old goldendoodles. They were adorable!

And last but not least, I had another band concert this week and I managed to get a photo. We were prepared and played the music very well. We ended with a medley of songs from Grease! I always have a ton of fun at our concerts. It’s a fantastic group of people and I feel lucky I found them so soon after moving to Phoenix.

Adam’s mom is coming to town today and I’m looking forward to showing her around Phoenix. The weather is perfect and the wildflowers are in bloom! What are you up to this weekend?


2 thoughts on “The past week.

  1. Melissa Ann says:

    It all sounds very entertaining. It’s lovely that you live such a rich and full life. And I think it’s great that you still participate in band beyond high school. My son was in marching band all four years of high school and he graduated. My daughter, on the other hand, didn’t participate in anything, and she dropped out of high school as soon as she turned 18. So I definitely believe that music, and musicians, have a little spark that the rest of us are missing.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!
    Melissa 🙂

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