Compass Lounge – Downtown Phoenix

The Compass Lounge sits at the very top of the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Phoenix. Not only are the views amazing from 24 floors up, but as you enjoy your cocktail or dinner, the entire lounge slowly spins one revolution each hour. A match made in heaven for a relaxing and entertaining evening. If you want reservations at a proper table you need to plan ahead. If you’re just going for drinks and appetizers you can show up (crisp jeans and a nice top are okay) and ask  to be seated in the lounge sections with over-sized chairs and couches.

Compass Lounge - Phoenix, Arizona - 2BlueEyes blog

Looking East towards Camelback mountain

As we slowly spun around there were placards on the posts in between the windows describing your current view. I wasn’t expecting the lounge to be so informative. This is a great place to enjoy the amazing views of the valley and learn a bit more about Phoenix.

Compass Lounge - Phoenix, Arizona - 2BlueEyes blog

The view to the South-East. You can see the baseball stadium and the airport is farther in the background.

The drinks were delicious and the appetizers were a lot bigger than we expected. We ordered a bowl of baked brie with raspberry jam that came with homemade bread and we got an order of pork brisket with thick steak fries. It was a perfect amount of food and drink for one spin around the lounge. I would like to go back for their reverse happy hour that starts at 9pm during the week. It would be great to see the city all lit up!

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The Compass Lounge was fantastic. Adam and I have been meaning to try it out and we decided to go Saturday afternoon on a lark. If you stay for drinks and appetizers they’ll validate your parking which is always nice when dealing with downtown parking.

Do you know of any other viewing spots in Phoenix? From what I can tell the Compass Lounge is the only place to get greats views of the city.


10 thoughts on “Compass Lounge – Downtown Phoenix

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  2. Melissa Ann says:

    Wow…those are some fantastic views! I thoroughly enjoyed this post. The Compass Lounge sounds awesome, and I will definitely go there if I ever get to visit sunny Arizona. And you and Adam look perfect together. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Wednesday 🙂

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