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D: Dallas, Texas

Last summer Adam and I went to Dallas for a friend’s wedding. The hot, humid weather and horrible traffic aside we had a fantastic time (pro tip: don’t go to Texas during the summer). Dallas Botanical Gardens - 2BlueEyes - www.2BlueEyes.comDallas is sprawling and you really need a car to get around. We had some down time outside of wedding activities to go downtown and explore. Our first stop was the Dallas Botanical Gardens. We went on a Saturday morning and along with the usual tourist crowds there were a dozen or so photographers following around their clients who were engaged couples, 15 year old girls celebrating their quinceañeras, and even a few brides and grooms.Ducks at the Dallas Botanical Gardens - 2BlueEyes - The gardens are beautiful and they make a perfect backdrop for professional photos. There were bubbling water fountains and ducks milling around. Aren’t these little ducklings so cute?! I enjoyed the gardens immensely. They were quite different than the Phoenix Botanical Gardens which feature plant life of the Sonoran Desert aka succulents and cacti for daaaayyysss! Definitely check out the Dallas Botanical Gardens if you’re in the area. It’s a nice way to get some exercise while you’re on vacation.

Dallas Museum of Fine Arts #art #tapestry #Dallas #vscocam

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Another highlight of the trip was the Dallas Museum of Art. The majority of the museum is free to the public with select exhibits charging a small fee. If you’re downtown and looking for a place to cool off you should plan on visiting! Free air conditioning is like a slice of heaven on Earth during a Dallas summer (are you catching on to the fact that I don’t like the heat?). They even had a sculpture garden. As you can see below, is this a bench or a piece of art? Why not both? Dallas Art Museum - 2BlueEyes - www.2BlueEyes.comNot pictured are our visits to the JFK memorial and the nearby Dallas City Museum. We decided against going through the JFK assassination museum because it seemed morbid and way too expensive. Instead, we walked around the area where he was shot and listened to a few conspiracy theorists talk about how they think things actually happened. We found the Dallas City Museum was within walking distance and decided to give it a go. Now that was an unexpected treat! There is so much history in Dallas that I didn’t know about. Did you know the margarita slushie machine was invented in Dallas? Thank you, Texas!

Our friends took us to a delicious barbecue restaurant in downtown Denton. Oooh boy, I took the first bite of my pork pulled bbq sandwich and I was content! Even though our trip was only a few days we packed in a lot of stuff. If I ever make it back to I’ll be sure to continue exploring the city!


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