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F: Fiji

Sadly, I haven’t made it to Fiji…yet…but it has been on my travel bucket list for many years now. The promise of remote relaxation drives my interest in Fiji! Here are a few of the things I would like to do on my (eventual) trip there. But first, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. Ask yourself, can you point Fiji out on a world map? No? I’ve got you covered! Take a look at these three maps below as we zoom in on this beautiful island chain in the South Pacific.

Fiji - large map - 2BlueEyes

Can you spot Fiji on this map? Hint: It’s East of Australia and almost due North of New Zealand.

Fiji - medium map - 2BlueEyes

We’re getting warmer with this map, can you spot Fiji?

Fiji - small map - 2BlueEyes


Great! Now that you know where Fiji is let’s move on to the fun stuff like….hotel rooms suspended over the water! How cool do these look? I can imagine waking up in the morning and jumping off the balcony into the water. Doesn’t snorkeling before breakfast sound nice?

Hotel rooms suspended over Fijian waters, photo from - 2BlueEyes

Hotel rooms suspended over Fijian waters, photo from

And, let’s talk about the views! Just imagine swimming or kayaking through here.

Photo by Ming Nomchong, Fiji -

One of the Fulaga islands, Fiji, photo by Ming Nomchong,


Lau Archipelago, Fiji, photo from

The water in the photo above is a perfect example of how clear the water is deceptive. It looks shallow but I’m sure the outer edges of the sand are many feet under the water. I’m sure it makes snorkeling and scuba diving ideal. I’ve tried snorkeling before but I haven’t been scuba diving. To be honest, scuba diving scares me. The ocean scares me. Diving deep down into the ocean is the huge benefit of scuba diving but diving deep into the ocean is frightening and unappealing to me. I much prefer staying in the range one lungful of air provides which is why I think snorkeling will be the extent of my underwater exploration.

The one thing that is both a blessing and a curse about getting to Fiji is the travel time. For example, from Los Angeles the flight is about 11 hours one way. I’ve done my fair share of ocean crossing flights and they are not fun – especially when you’re flying any American operated airline and you’re crammed in the middle seat of the middle section and you don’t have a personal tv or leg room for that matter, but that is a topic for another post. Like I was saying, traveling to Fiji from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere is an involved, lengthy process but I’m sure it is well worth it. The remote location makes Fiji a perfect place to unplug and unwind.

Have you visited Fiji? What do you recommend??


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