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H: Hawaii

Hawaii is the 50th state to join the Union and, despite its distance from the contiguous 48 states, it is well-known and filled with a rich history. I have never visited Hawaii but so many people I know have gone and raved about their trips. They talk about the wonderful hiking and beaches, the volcanoes and crystal clear water. The “Aloha State” is definitely on my wanderlust list!

Here are a few things I would like to do when I visit the Hawaiian islands:

1. Snorkeling & Parasailing

Ever since I went snorkeling in Belize I have wanted to go again! Experiencing sea life up close and personal was incredible. The waters off the coast of Hawaii are filled with exotic sea life. I’m imagining pairing this adventure with parasailing and what a perfect day that would be! Can you imagine parasailing and soaking in the tropical views like in the photo below?

2. Check out an active volcano

Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Getting up close and personal with an active volcano isn’t for everyone I agree and I don’t even want to get that close to one. Ideally, I would get close enough to see the flowing lava but still be far enough away that if the volcano starts spurting up my face won’t be at risk of melting off.

3. Relax on the beach

Let me be clear, I won’t be going to Hawaii on business. The plan is to sit on the beach, mai-tai in hand, and soak up the tropical sun. Travel Channel put together a great list of the Top 10 Hawaiian Beaches and I’ll absolutely use that as a starting point for my relaxation goals. I’m hoping the best beaches coordinate with my other vacation goal…

4. Catch some world-class surfing

When in Rome, right? I won’t be doing as the Romans – er, the Hawaiians –  do but I would love to see some top surfers navigate huge waves! I’ve been dreaming of seeing the pros surf the North shore since middle school when my P.E. teacher would play the movie “Endless Summer” on repeat.

5. Hawaiian History

Last and certainly not least, I would like to learn more about Hawaii’s history. The most recent and well-known event to have happened is Pearl Harbor. I would also like to learn about history pre-USA and pre-Western contact. I took a Polynesian art history class in college and I was fascinated to learn about boat making and how art was incorporated into rituals on the island.

Hawaii seems so far away to me – geographically and in my mind’s eye. I know it’s a part of the US and our current president was born there, but to be honest it is not on my radar. Visiting and experiencing it in person would help me learn more about Hawaii. I can just hear the waves crashing on the beach.

What’s on your Hawaiian wanderlust list? Tell me in the comments below!



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