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L: Lund, Sweden

Today, I’m sharing some photos and videos from my time in Lund, Sweden. I finished up college studying abroad and I was lucky enough to spend six months in Scandinavia. When this blogging challenge reaches the letter S I’ll have another post on Sweden, stay tuned!

Sweden is a very long, vertical country stretching from Germany all the way up to the Arctic circle. It is mostly surrounded by water but has land borders with Norway and Finland. Lund is in the very south of the country and the nearest international airport is in Copenhagen, Denmark. That was a little confusing…flying to one country to get into another. Anyway, from Copenhagen I took the train over the water and into Sweden where a few stops later I walked out onto the cobblestone streets of Lund and paid a stupid amount of money for a taxi to find my lodging. Check out my video below. It’s from that very first train ride when I crossed over into Sweden!

The picture below is from my first week in Lund. It was the beginning of August and the weather was perfect for long bike rides. Luckily, Swedish law (allemansrätten, literally “the everyman’s right”) favors hikers, walkers, and bicyclists. You’re free to go anywhere you want as long as you are respectful of the land and don’t take more than your fair share of whatever it is you are foraging for. My friend and I found some plums and we picked enough to bake a pie later on (which was too tart so maybe those plums weren’t ripe yet but we still had a fun time). Surprisingly, this was only a five minute bike ride out of town. We didn’t have to go very far to enjoy the Swedish countryside.


Picking plums outside of town


Main church in Lund

The town itself is one of the oldest in Sweden, established hundreds of years ago. It has the oldest Church of Sweden (aka Swedish Lutheran) and, as I mentioned before, cobblestone streets are everywhere which are beautiful to look at but also suck to bike on. I went to a Sunday service at this church curious to see how similar it was to the Lutheran services I went to growing up. It was almost exactly the same except the service was conducted in Swedish and it took place inside a 1,000+ year old church! Also, during Christmas time I went to a choir concert at the church and it was amazing to hear singing voices inside such a large, echoing space. Definitely one of the must see sights in Lund!

My apartment mates started yelling one Sunday afternoon about snow and I quickly ran outside to film. The winter I was in Sweden was a mild one so this was the closest I got to a winter wonderland. The six months I spent in country were fabulous. Biking everywhere was the best way to explore town and get a work out in! The tap water was fresh and clean enough to drink, the meatballs were delicious, and public transportation was a breeze. After taking a beginning Swedish course I didn’t really need the language because most people spoke English very well. The only drawback to Sweden is that everything is expensive but as a creative college student I budgeted carefully. Whenever I make it back, I would like to go in June for Midsommar Festival. Have you been to Sweden? What did you think?

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