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S: Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden - 2BlueEyes blog - www.2BlueEyes.comI picked a double S for today’s Blogging A-to-Z post: Stockholm, Sweden! This was my first ever solo trip and it happened while I was finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree while studying abroad at Lund University which is in the very south of Sweden. For the holidays, I traveled by train to spend Christmas with one of my roommates in a town west of the capital and then spent about five days in Stockholm. The first few days it felt strange to be alone on vacation but once I got over that feeling the trip was wonderful. My one regret is that I didn’t visit during the summer time when the sun was shining for most of the day and the harbor is perfect for swimming. Oh well, that just means I have another reason to go visit one of my favorite places in the world!  Here are a few of my pictures and impressions of visiting the Swedish metropolis, Stockholm, in the winter.

Stockholm, Sweden - 2BlueEyes blog -

Me with the water and city hall in the background

After Christmas I took the train over to Stockholm. My hostel was in the middle of Gamla Stan (old town) about 2 minutes from the royal palace. The weather was beautiful the four days I was there. Even though it was cold, the sun was shining and it made the trip really nice. The city is spread out over many, many islands so there was a lot of walking over bridges to get to things.

Stockholm, Sweden - 2BlueEyes blog -

Sunrise over the water in Stockholm

In the gallery below I have a photo from the Stockholm City Library which is one place I definitely recommend you visit if you make it to Stockholm. The library was built in the 1920s and it has the most unique design: it’s completely round. The books sit on custom shelving that curves around the room in a perfect circle. Standing in a perfectly circular room is a weird feeling. Another great (and free) thing to do in Stockholm is the changing of the guards at the royal palace. People can stand behind ropes and watch the changing of the guards at specific times during the day. After it finishes you’re welcome to walk around the grounds. I think you can take tours of the buildings but I didn’t want to spend the money.

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The city was beautifully lit up at night especially with all of the Christmas decorations still out. Garland and tinsel was hung over major roads along with lighted stars. There wasn’t any snow on the ground but the low hanging sun and chilly weather made it feel like the holidays. Have you been to Stockholm? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Want to read more about my time in Sweden? Click HERE!


9 thoughts on “S: Stockholm, Sweden

  1. kimberleycooperblog says:

    Hi, I’m visiting from the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I was lucky enough to visit Stockholm in June 2015. We sailed into the city, past the little islands – absolutely stunning and thoroughly recommend you visiting in summer if you get the chance. And yes, changing the guard is free and worth watching!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Halee Pagel says:

      Hello! Great minds think alike 😉 Lund is a fantastic place. One tip is to get a bicycle the moment you get there. There are some shops downtown and some online student groups where you can buy new or used ones. The town is bike friendly and housing is spread out. You’ll definitely want a bike to get around quickly. What are you studying?


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