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V: Vatican City

Did you know that Vatican City only became its own country in 1929? I learned that while I was researching for this blog post. I had assumed it was always its own country but I guess not. I’ve never visited but I would like to go.

Vatican City Flag; 2BlueEyes blog,

Vatican City Flag

Quick Facts about Vatican City

  • smallest country in the world at 0.17 square miles (it’s completely surrounded by the city of Rome!)
  • It’s leader is the Pope
  • Population of 690, and approximately only 30 of those citizens are women

Of course, it’s home to the Roman Catholic church, the pope mobile, and is a great center of learning. Its historical and cultural importance is undeniable and a huge draw for me. I would love to stare up at the Sistine Chapel. How did Michelangelo paint the whole thing upside down? I hope a good masseuse at the end of each day was written in his contract! Do they have a passport checkpoint or are you free to walk into another country from the streets of Rome? I’d love to visit someday! Have you been to the Vatican City? What was it like?

St. Peter's Square, Vatican City;, 2BlueEyes blog; Photo By Diliff (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City; Photo By Diliff (Own work) (


2 thoughts on “V: Vatican City

  1. Rhonda Strong Gilmour says:

    I have indeed been to Vatican City. The first time, I was living in Germany, 19 years old, and took a long road trip through Italy with my boyfriend. All I remember about the Vatican from that visit are the huge corkscrew-shaped pillars inside St. Peter’s Basilica, the oval “square” out front with all the statuary, and the spooky crypt below the church which contains the remains of various popes (I think) and other clergy. At that time, they were piping in spooky music–very eerie. We visited Rome again in the summer of 2012. My goodness, it was hot! Thank goodness for the free drinking fountains located all over the city. This time we booked a small-group tour with Eternity Tours, via the Rome USO. Our guide had a degree in Italian history, and walked us through the Vatican Museum, Saint Peter’s, the Sistine Chapel and the square. Definitely money well-spent.

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