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Y: York, England


I’ve been to York twice. The first time I was eight, the second time I was in college, and both times it was drizzling rain. How unusual for the UK…..I’m joking haha. York is a beautiful city in the North-East of England. You can take a tour of the city while a guide tells you grim tales of medieval fighting tactics (a la pouring buckets of boiling pee onto your enemies) and the history of the beautiful cathedral, York Minster.

It is quite a nice town to explore and it is very easy to walk around. Don’t miss out on strolling down The Shambles, one of the most crooked and fascinating streets in England. It was once home to dozens of butcher shops but now none are there anymore. I’m sure things smell much better nowadays! But my favorite part of York was stepping inside York Minster and standing in awe of its architecture. The building seems even bigger from the inside and the sound of shoes stepping on stones echoes up to the ceilings. It’s a majestic display of art. You can even tour the crypts underground if you’re interested.

The Shambles, York, England; 2BlueEyes blog,; Photo by Vincej at en.wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Shambles, York, England; Photo by Vincej via Wikimedia Commons


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