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DIY: Side Table Upgrade

When I moved to Arizona, my family was generous and gave me a ton of furniture and other household knick-knacks. This made setting up a home a lot easier on the wallet. Of course, beggars can’t be choosers which is why I am making the best of what I have. Rather than buying something new at my local IKEA I decided to try my hand at a simple DIY project. I’m going to share with you today the perfect example of upcycling, that is…taking someone else’s trash and turning it into your very own personalized treasure! I took an outdated side table and turned it into something that not only complements the rest of our bedroom but also brings it into the styles of this millennium.


You can see the dark wood side table has some good things going for it. The hardware is unique and it has double inset panels on three sides. The doors, crown molding, and baseboards in our apartment are white. This darker wood didn’t match very well. First, I removed the door along with the hardware. One piece couldn’t be taken off so I covered the entire thing in blue painter’s tape. Make sure you do this well because you don’t want any primer or paint getting onto your hardware! After this I was ready for sanding and I moved the side table outside.


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Luckily, painting over wood doesn’t require much sanding. Just enough to rough up the wood to make it a good adhesive for the primer and paint. The sanding process itself is messy. Do not do this indoors! If you have someone willing to help it makes the process go much faster (thanks, Adam). Make sure you go over each part you will be painting, even the small grooves and as close to the edges as you can.


Painting was a breeze. The most difficult part was waiting. Waiting for one layer to dry to put on another and waiting for one side of the door to dry so it was safe to flip over and continue slathering on paint. The paint guy at Home Depot was helpful and quick with his suggestions after I told him my project. I know painting a side table isn’t rocket science but I was pleasantly surprised when I was in and out of Home Depot in 20 minutes. My one piece of advice: use your roller first and then go over with long brush strokes to even out the finish.


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I am happy with the end result. The whole thing took one weekend to complete. If you’re determined, you could probably finish in one day but you would need to get up early and stay up late to have enough time for the paint to dry. The new and improved side table matches much better with our room. We have a limited amount of natural light that comes into the bedroom and by painting the side table white the room doesn’t seem as dreary.

DIY Project - Side Table Painting; 2BlueEyes blog -


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