2BlueEyes - Month in Review

May 2016

Things were fairly quiet on my blog for the month of May. After pulling into the finish line of the A-to-Z Challenge with gas fumes in my tank, blogging inspiration and energy was low. That being said, the past month was filled with unexpected surprises, good and bad. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Performed at the Phoenix Community College graduation in 100 degree heat!
  • Went Peach Picking at Schnepf Farms (so much fun!).
  • Game of Thrones continued to shock and produced one of my favorite episodes to date, “The Door”.
  • Visited friends in Canada, toured the capital, Montreal, and went camping.
  • Ate poutine for the first time ❤
  • Read 3 books, check out my reading list HERE.

How did May treat you? Are you looking forward to the summer? I know I am since June is my birthday month. 🙂

P.S. You can read my past “Month in Review” posts HERE!

P.P.S. More about My Monthly Memories HERE!



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