Panorama of Montreal, Canada - - 2BlueEyes blog

A Day in Montreal

Saint Joseph's Oratory - Montreal, Canada - - 2BlueEyes blogThis is part two of a three part series on my trip to Canada. Check out part one HERE!

Walking around the streets of Ottawa I thought French was common enough but little did I know that in Montreal, the pulsing heart of Quebec province, French was the language de facto. Street signs, advertisements, and retail workers all led with French and followed up in English. A quick bonjour, hello from the worker at the food counter was my queue to respond with an obvious hello if I wanted to get my food order right.

We were in town for the day for my friend’s rugby match. He dropped Andy and I off near the top of the hill that Saint Joseph’s Oratory sits on, which is a beautiful church in a prime location. We hoofed it up the steep stairs and the views from the top were breathtaking. As we caught our breath I was able to get an amazing panorama of the eastern view of Montreal. The camera on my Samsung Galaxy 6 takes stunning photos that rival my digital camera from a few years ago. Isn’t it incredible?Panorama of Montreal, Canada - - 2BlueEyes blogWe strolled down the hill through fancy shmancy neighborhoods on our way to the water and downtown center. On our walk we saw brightly colored tulips and some of the biggest peonies I’ve ever seen. We also smelled lilacs the whole way because they’re everywhere in Montreal and Ottawa. Scented candles and lotions do not do the lilac smell justice. They’re incredibly fragrant and I would love to grow some one day when I live in a more suitable climate.Flowers in Montreal, Canada - - 2BlueEyes blog

As for the rugby match, Andy and I sat in the bleachers very confused about the rules. Rugby is like a mash up between soccer and football with a hint of boxing? The match was a lot of fun to watch even if we were in the dark about the rules.

Rugby - Canada - - 2BlueEyes blogOur drive home in the evening took us through the countryside and I snapped this final picture of our day trip to Montreal. I call it: Sunset, Ontario. Sadly, we didn’t have more time in Montreal but I look forward to visiting again in the future!Sunset in the Countryside - Quebec, Canada - - 2BlueEyes blog


3 thoughts on “A Day in Montreal

  1. weebluemixer says:

    I would really like to visit Montreal. The closest we came was to having a stop over at the airport on our way home from Winnipeg. Hahaha, I do love your definition of rugby. My hubbie and I are great fans of rugby with my hubbie still playing it after 18 years! He even played in Canada when he stayed over there for a few months. Still to this day, I can get confused about the rules too!

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