Camping in Quebec

Camping - Gatineau, Canada - - 2BlueEyes blogThis is part three of a three part series on my trip to Canada. Check out part one HERE and part two HERE!

At the end of the trip my friends and I spent two days camping in Gatineau Park. A wonderful regional park in Quebec and by the far the most well-kept and cleanest campground I’ve ever been to. Even the outhouse was nice! We stayed in a semi-permanent tent with bunk beds for the four of us, a kitchen area stocked with utensils, a table, and a nice stove for cold weather. Our campsite also had a picnic bench, propane grill, and campfire. Luckily, we went camping during the weekdays and the lack of people made it feel like it was just us (and our critter friends, of course).

My initial reaction was shock at how green everything was. I felt like Rey in The Force Awakens when she lands on Takodana exclaiming, “I didn’t know there was this much green in the whole galaxy!” Not only were things green, there was animal life all over. Caterpillars steadily dropped onto us from the tree branches above, we saw chipmunks and squirrels running around, a deer, geese families with their goslings, and we became frenemies with two very fat and very annoying raccoons.

We went on a nice hike along Lac Philippe to Lusk Cavern. Unfortunately, we didn’t have proper gear to get through the cavern, with the water rushing through and lack of head lamps we didn’t make it very far. However, after the cave we trekked back to the lake and spent the afternoon swimming, playing with other peoples’ dogs, and napping. The weather was a perfect temperature with the sun shining and warming the lake up.

Lac Philippe - Gatineau, Canada - - 2BlueEyes blog

What a view, eh? Camping was so much fun. It had been a while since I had experienced the great outdoors and I was glad to be spending time relaxing with friends. We finished off our camping adventure with breakfast at a roadside diner and I got to taste poutine for the first time. I’m in love!

Poutine - Gatineau, Canada - - 2BlueEyes blog

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7 thoughts on “Camping in Quebec

    • Halee Pagel says:

      It was a great trip! I didn’t even know semi-permanent tents like these existed. The only thing is they get very hot if you don’t leave the windows open. And, to avoid raccoons getting in you have to keep the windows shut. You see the catch-22 we were in? haha


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