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My Favorite Childhood Computer Games

Next month, we’re getting a brand spankin-new desktop computer. And thank goodness because my 80 year old laptop (aka 8 Earth years) is on its last legs. Simply opening a new internet browser is a lot of effort for the poor thing. I haven’t had a desktop computer in years and I’m looking forward to a full keyboard, mouse, and large monitor (they’re like small TVs nowadays!). But, I’m most looking forward to playing my favorite computer game: The Sims. Of course, I won’t be playing the original version of the game but the latest installment, The Sims 4.

Every summer, my brother and I had three months off from school and we spent a lot of our time on the family computer. Our mom even set a kitchen timer to avoid sibling squabbles about who got more play time! Here are three of my favorite childhood computer games.

The Oregon Trail - 2BlueEyes blog - www.2BlueEyes.com

The Oregon Trail

Raise your hand if you played this game in school? *raises hand* This game was a staple of my childhood. I remember first playing The Oregon Trail and choosing to play as the wealthy businessman who knew nothing about cross-country wagon travel. Inevitably, his constitution couldn’t handle life on the prairie and he succumbed to dysentery. As I played more of the game I learned to only shoot as many animals as needed because extra cargo meant tired oxen and broken wagon wheels. Bringing back memories, anyone? The excitement of The Oregon Trail held up every time I played.

Roller Coaster Tycoon - 2BlueEyes blog - www.2BlueEyes.com

RollerCoaster Tycoon

RollerCoaster Tycoon is my all-time second favorite game to play. If you’ve ever wanted to manage a theme park this is the game for you! Building crazy roller coasters, retail shops, and making sure you have enough janitors to clean up everyone’s trash and puke are just some of the highlights. I loved the challenge of making the most extreme coaster that guests still dared to ride. And could we ever forget the cheerful merry-go-round music? Midi files at their best!

The Sims - 2BlueEyes blog - www.2BlueEyes.com - By Electronic Arts, Inc. (EA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Sims

And finally, I get to tell you about my love for The Sims. I don’t remember how I discovered this game. My mom may have picked it up at Costco when it first came out. All I know is the second I started to play as Bob and Betty Newbie I was hooked. Hours and hours of my life have been spent playing this wonderful game. Build and buy mode were even more exciting once I discovered the use of cheats (rosebud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1). When The Sims 2 came out I bought that and enjoyed the expanded gameplay it offered. Weren’t seasons just the best? However, I completely skipped The Sims 3 because I was a cash poor college student and my computer wasn’t quite fast enough to handle it. But next month, I’m getting The Sims 4 and I can’t wait. Seriously, I cannot wait. In the meantime, I’ve been watching Let’s Plays on YouTube to get an idea of everything I’ve missed since the second installment.

Aaaah, summertime! Good times! Next month cannot come soon enough. Have you guys played any of these games? I’m sure most 90s kids played The Oregon Trail at some point in school! What other games did you play growing up?


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Childhood Computer Games

  1. Zumaria says:

    Oh man these took me back! Somehow I never played Oregon trail but I played THE SHIT out of the sims and roller coaster tycoon. I don’t think of the the RC Tycoons after the first were very good – but I still play the sims and love it! Currently traveling right now and can’t wait to get home to play the Sims with my friend.

    Truthfully though, the sims 4 isn’t that great. It’s not really that much fun without the expansions. I wish I’d spent my money on more sims 3 games…. just my opinion 🙂 Glad to met another Sims lover out there!

    Liked by 1 person

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