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Labor Day Weekend!

It’s Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Quick, name that song!* This week draaaagggged and I think it’s because the promise of a three day weekend was at the end of it.

Overall, my week was uneventful. I did vote in Arizona’s primary Tuesday morning. The process was quick and painless which was a blessing compared with the fiasco that was March’s Presidential Preference Election. I expect November’s election is going to be a lot busier and I’ll have to plan to vote earlier. Vote by mail is really popular here in Arizona but I think it’s more fun to vote in-person. Plus, you only get the “I voted!” sticker if you go to the polls on voting day!

Voting in Arizona - 2BlueEyes blog -

This weekend we’re seeing a lot of our friends and working on wedding planning stuff. Tomorrow, we’re helping a friend move, (hopefully) selling our too-large-for-our-tiny-apartment dining table, and relaxing. Sunday, I’m having a girls day while Adam and some friends do a whiskey tasting. As for Monday, I’ll probably want to relax at home.

Churn Ice Cream Phoenix - 2BlueEyes -

Started our weekend last night with some ice cream!

What are you doing for the long weekend?

*The song is “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

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