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DIY: Spray Painting Glass Vases

Whenever I feel the urge to DIY I scan the apartment looking for the perfect project. This past weekend my eyes landed on the box of vases sitting in the corner, waiting to be transformed into beautiful centerpieces for our almost Halloween wedding next month. I decided to jazz them up with silver spray paint.

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The Supplies

  • newspapers
  • painter’s tape
  • spray paint
  • vase


Throw on your DIY clothes, find a well-ventilated area, and lay down lots of newspaper or cardboard. Once you’ve done that move on to the next step.

The creativity starts here! What do you want spray painted? What do you want left untouched? We decided to leave a thin strip at the top and that is where the painter’s tape comes into play. Feel free to think outside the box! Use the tape to create vertical stripes, or cut-out shapes and stick them on. Whatever you want! Use your nail to make sure the tape is stuck down all the way to the edge. A small opening is an invitation for spray paint to sneak in.

Taping the edge - silver vases - - 2BlueEyes blog

Taping off the section we don’t want painted

The Fun Stuff

Okay, you’ve prepped everything and now it’s time to get down to business. Shake that can until your arm hurts and then start spraying. Hold the can about 12-15 inches away from your vase and steadily moved your arm side to side as you work your way down. The goal is to get an even coating. Remember, less is best when dealing with spray paint. You can always add another layer. If you add too much at once the paint will start to drip. Let the paint dry for 5 minutes, remove the tape, and let your vase finish drying overnight.

Half finished with silver spray painting - silver vases - - 2BlueEyes blog

Halfway there

Final Thoughts

Overall, this project was simple and straight forward. We used one design and one color. I think from start to finish it took one hour to prep and paint 12 vases. The best part is we have plenty of spray paint left over for future projects.

I did notice the edge between the spray paint and clear glass isn’t totally straight. You can see it is uneven in certain parts but I am okay with that. Once the flowers are put in the vases the centerpieces will look wonderful! What do you think? Would you try this project?

Finished product - silver vases - - 2BlueEyes blog



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