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September 2016

“30 Days Hath September”….And boy, oh, boy did we do a lot in those 30 days! We did so much this month I’d really like a vacation from it! I’ll have to hold on a bit longer because my next vacation won’t be until December when we go to New Orleans for a whole week!! Back to September: we spent lots of time with friends, near and far, and tried new things. I finished a book I had been reading since….well, since the beginning of summer. Whoops! Now that cooler weather is here there is even more incentive to get outside and do things.

Here are some of my September highlights:

  • Went to my first performance at Gammage theater!
  • Remembered my trip to the Gobi from September 2013!
  • Took on a DIY project
  • Went zip-lining in Apache Junction and tried kayaking on Canyon Lake
  • Finished reading, Jacob’s Folly, and decided it’s the weirdest book I’ve read in recent memory. It’s about a man from 1700s Paris who is reincarnated as a house fly in present day Long Island, New York – and to be fair, the time traveling human to fly transformation was the most normal part. The vivid, detailed description of fly sex was…weird to say the least. Anywho, check out the rest of my 2016 reading list!
  • Bought some New Orleans themed nail polishes (see pic below!)

How was your September? What are you looking forward to in October?

P.S. You can read my past “Month in Review” posts HERE!


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