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Easy (and Tasty) Use for Leftover Mint

A few weeks ago I saw an interesting idea on preserving extra mint. Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of the blog I first saw this posted on but I’ll be sure to update you if I re-discover it. In the meantime, here is my recipe for transforming a regular glass of water or mojito into a delicious treat!

What You’ll Need

  • knife
  • cutting board
  • mint
  • ice cube tray
  • water

Supplies - 2BlueEyes blog         Fun ice cube tray - 2BlueEyes blog


If you’re using a mint plant like I did, pick the leaves off the plants. You can snip them at the base of the leaf with scissors or use your finger nails. Once you have a pile of loose mint leaves, rinse them in water to remove any pesky bugs or extra dirt.

Next, finely chop the mint leaves until they are in small pieces. Then fill your ice cube tray with a layer of the chopped mint. You can use as little or as much as you would like. After you’ve covered the bottom of the ice cube tray with mint, slowly pour water into the tray until it is filled to the brim.

Before freezing - 2BlueEyes blog

Before freezing

At this point, carefully place the tray into the freezer and wait a few hours for your ice cubes to form. When they’re finished freezing, pop them into a glass of water or rum-based cocktail for a nice treat.

After freezing - 2BlueEyes blog

After freezing


  • flavored water
  • ice cubes for your favorite cocktail



3 thoughts on “Easy (and Tasty) Use for Leftover Mint

    • Halee Pagel says:

      Thank you! If you plan on making the ice cubes, cut the mint into larger pieces! Mine were way too small. Once the ice cubes melted in my water, rather than enjoying mint flavored water I was sipping mouthfuls of actual mint!


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