October 2016

October. Was. Jam. Packed!

The biggest and best highlight from this month was getting married! We have such wonderful family and friends who came out to Phoenix from all over the country to help us celebrate our marriage. I wish they could have stayed in town permanently. Now, we’re looking forward to our honeymoon in New Orleans.

Month in Review October 2016 - 2BlueEyes

Here are some of my October highlights:

  • Enjoyed a full CHVRCHES concert when they returned to Phoenix!
  • Saw The Sound of Music musical! The stage production is so much better than the movie (sorry Julie Andrews)
  • Winning trivia night!!
  • Had an amazing band concert!
  • Made some mint flavored ice cubes!
  • Almost went to Antelope Canyon…maybe this month we’ll go?
  • Got married!

Isn't it pretty!? 💐 #wedding #ring #jewelry #gemvara #emerald #sapphire

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How was your October? Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving? I know I am!

P.S. You can read my past “Month in Review” posts HERE!


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