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A Year to Be Thankful For

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. It is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November and most people have Thursday-Sunday off from work. I say most because if you work in retail then this is the busiest weekend of the year! In college, I worked for a department store and everyone on staff worked the day after Thanksgiving a.k.a. “Black Friday”. My preferred shift time was 3am-11am. My thinking was this: the organized and focused shoppers are the ones up and about that early in the morning and I would rather help them out than the bewildered people that decide to go shopping at the last minute. My point is, be mindful of the people working in the stores over Thanksgiving weekend. After all, the holiday is about giving thanks!

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In the spirit of today’s holiday, I am going to share what I am thankful for this year:

  • Marrying my husband (shameless plug, check out his blog HERE) and spending time with almost all of our family and friends in the process. Our wedding was wonderful and a great reminder of all the love and support we have in our lives!
  • My health and the health of my loved ones.
  • Exploring Phoenix and the great state of Arizona.
  • Playing my clarinet every Monday night. Making music is not only a lot of fun, it is stress relieving, too!

This year we are spending the day with Adam’s extended family in California. I am writing this post ahead of time because we will be on the road driving when it is posted. Send us good thoughts as we brave the CA freeways!

What are you thankful for this year? Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?


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