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2016 by the Months

Want to take a photo journey with me? I was inspired by Jenny to do a monthly cell phone photo recap of 2016. Here are the ones I found that captured each month in a nutshell!

January: I know the phrase is usually jack-in-the-box but I like to call this phot cat-in-the-box.

February: We went to the Phoenix Open and were surprised it is the biggest party of the year here in Phoenix.

March: Spent the late afternoon spinning around at the Compass Lounge downtown.

2016 by the months - first quarter - 2BlueEyes blog

April: This is the biggest margarita glass I’ve ever seen and it was so tasty.

May: Took on a DIY project and it turned out beautifully.

June: Went to Phoenix ComiCon and heard one of my favorite authors, Diana Gabaldon, speak.

2016 by the months - second quarter - 2BlueEyes blog

July: Got home and found our package left in the most obvious hiding spot. Thanks, Amazon.

August: Went to a Diamondbacks game on free sombrero day.

September: Our creative friends over at Blissed pins delivered this pin to me for a friend.

2016 by the months - third quarter - 2BlueEyes blog

October: Yes, I got married this month so why did I choose a picture of a caution sign? Well, let’s just say that after Adam and I had a bit too much fun at our favorite pizza place we had a little accident. The fun and chaos of that lunch could be extended to the whole month of October.

November: Cake pops. Milestone birthday. Enough said.

December: Tiny Christmas tree strikes again!

2016 by the months - fourth quarter - 2BlueEyes blog

This was such a fun way to look back on 2016. Looking through all my photos made me realize that having a camera on my cellphone leads me to taking weird, one-off photos. Overall, I took just over 700 photos this year. Not sure how that stacks up with other people.

Did you take more or fewer cell phone photos than me? It’s not too late to photo recap your 2016. If you do participate, link back to this post because I want to see what your year looks like!


3 thoughts on “2016 by the Months

  1. lovejennyxo says:

    This is so awesome!!! And thank you for linking me- appreciate it! I absolutely LOVE the way you set up this post! The compass lounge looks awesome! Arizona is one of the top places I want to visit (hello grand canyonnn!)- but what spots do you recommend?

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    • Halee Pagel says:

      The idea was too good to pass up! I do a monthly review post but I love the idea of a yearly photi round-up. 🙂

      Arizona has so much to offer. If you love the heat then come to Phoenix in the summer. If you love the snow head up north to Flagstaff in the winter. And year round there is tons of hiking. It’s a beautiful state!

      Liked by 1 person

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