Header-January 2017 Month in Review

January 2017

Adios, January! To be honest, it was not a good start to the year. I am glad the month is over and that spring is on the horizon.

Here are some of my January highlights:

  • Almost went to Disneyland! But decided not to go when we found out the Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion were closed. What the heck?!
  • Won first place at trivia!! Thanks to the dream team, #nailedit!
  • Saw “The Eagle Huntress” at the movies and felt nostalgic for Mongolia. I am hoping to get back there in the near future.

How was your January? What are you looking forward to in February? We have some fun trips planned and our weekends are busy, busy! Can’t wait to share everything on the blog.

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P.P.S. You are welcome to join in on the Month in Review fun. Use the “Month in Review” tag and link back to my post here so I can check out your blog. Happy reflecting!



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