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If the all-caps in the title were too loud for you, here is my big announcement using my inside voice: I am moving to Japan! My husband found a teaching job at a university just outside Tokyo and we are flying there on March 25th.

Woah, what!? In a month?? Yes!

The whole process of applying, interviewing, getting hired, and then getting all of our ducks in a row for moving to a new country has taken about half a year. Fortunately, international moves are not a new thing for me or Adam. I’ve lived in Sweden and Mongolia and he has lived in Thailand, South Korea, and Mongolia (spoiler alert, that’s where we met). All of this has well-prepared us for this move. I can pack a suitcase and come in just under 50 pounds with no problem. I know to fill the precious extra space with bags and bags of Goldfish crackers because you cannot find those delicious little orange fishies abroad. And, I have learned to pack enough shoes for any situation because my feet are larger than average for Japan.

We’ll be abroad for the next two years and the adventures to come are limitless. But, I am really going to miss our friends and family here in Phoenix. The last few years in Arizona have been a lot of fun and we’re glad we made it our home. My blog will stay the same, except my posts will have a Japanese twist to them. I can’t wait to share our new life with you all!

Have you been to Japan? Have you lived in Japan? Do you know Japanese? Will you teach me? Please, leave your advice below!!


21 thoughts on “I AM MOVING TO JAPAN

  1. xoJenny says:

    Oh my goodness how exciting and congrats to your husband for landing that job!!! That is going to be an amazing experience and opportunity for the both of you! New adventures awaits!!! Can’t wait to read/follow along on the journey!!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. Sakerinha says:

    Very exciting! Trying to think if I have any specific advice for moving there… I remember finding it hard to find cashpoints which accepted my foreign card when I first got there so take plenty of cash for the beginning, before you get your Japanese account. If you have any questions later, don´t hesitiate! Good luck!

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      • Sakerinha says:

        Well definitely stock up on shoes (as you already mentioned)! The deodorant isn´t great in Japan so stock up. Some other foreigners complain about the toothpaste too (but I never really had a problem with it). I regretted not taking enough warm clothing. The winter is really very cold and I wasn´t that prepared for it. Apart from that, you will be able to get everything you need there really! If I remember anything else, I´ll let you know.

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