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Welcome to the 2017 Blogging A-to-Z Challenge! I’ll be blogging my way through the alphabet the entire month of April, taking a break on Sundays, for a total of 26 posts! This year I am writing short stories based on a word that starts with the letter of the alphabet. The 26 fictional stories are not related to one another. This is a chance for me to exercise my imagination and explore creative writing which I have not done since college. Learn more about the blogging challenge HERE!

The theme for today’s story is Extreme.

Huge waves crashed against the side of the ship as the rain came down sideways and lighting lit up the skies. With all the movement and chaos it was difficult to tell which way was up and which was down. Just this morning the cook commented on how pleasant the weather had been during their voyage. He jinxed it though because even before he began preparing for the evening meal the dark, menacing clouds rushed in and crowded out the blue skies and bright sun. To be fair, there were luckier people than her and, with this being her first time at sea in her new role, something unlucky was bound to happen.

As captain of the ship, during a storm it was her responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety and monitor the boat. In situations like this crew members were required to wear a life vest, carry ropes and carabineers for hooking onto the ship during severe swaying, and a shot of whiskey in the event that things go south. Every five minutes there was a safety check to account for those on board. In the event of someone going overboard there was no guarantee of rescue. Right now the seas were far too rough and there were no signs of it calming. She could see a huge wave forming ahead of the ship and she gripped the railing bracing for impact. The wave crested and collapsed over the bow dropping what looked like the whole ocean onto the deck. Water rushed everywhere and for a brief moment panic struck. Had they lost the front half of the ship? Just as she completed her thought, the ship sprung up and sloughed off the water the ocean had tried to best her with.

Lightning cracked and lit up the sky. She checked the watch attached to her life vest to count the seconds. One. Two. Kaboom. The thunder rumbled through the air. They were fast approaching the center stage of the storm. All of her training had prepared her for this. The following minutes were make or break. She grabbed the intercom device and ordered everyone on board to strap themselves onto something sturdy. The next few waves would be the most intense and dangerous. She repeated her order and then buckled herself into her captain’s chair. She scanned the scene in front of her willing the waves to hurry up. She was not scared or even nauseous, mostly she was tired and she knew the adrenaline rush would begin to fade soon.

The seas were illuminated again. Boom. Boom. Okay, the lighting and thunder had made an appearance, now where was that monster wave – BOOM.












Her eyes fluttered open as she lifted her heavy head out of the water. Her hair and clothes were soaked through. The sun was shining and the seas were smooth as glass. The only disturbance was a single wandering albatross bobbing on the surface causing small circles to ripple outward from its body. She checked the watch on her life vest and saw it had broken in the tumult of the storm. Based on the sun’s position it looked to be midday. She had been knocked out overnight and well into the morning. Somehow she had been detached from her captain’s chair – so much for safety protocol – and ended up in the middle of the ocean. Alone.

And with this story that makes five down and 21 more to go! Thank you for reading my short story. What did you think? If you are here with the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge, please leave a comment below because I would love to check out your posts!

P.S. Check out my other short stories HERE!


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