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Welcome to the 2017 Blogging A-to-Z Challenge! I’ll be blogging my way through the alphabet the entire month of April, taking a break on Sundays, for a total of 26 posts! This year I am writing short stories based on a word that starts with the letter of the alphabet. The 26 fictional stories are not related to one another. This is a chance for me to exercise my imagination and explore creative writing which I have not done since college. Learn more about the blogging challenge HERE!

The inspiration for today’s story is Fashionable.

Despite it being 10 days into the new year, everything was falling apart for Alexa. She threw herself onto the bed, rolled onto her side, and buried her head under the covers. She felt disgusting in her ratty old college sweats. It had been days since she had showered, let alone left the house, and the dishes were piling up in her sink. This was not who she was but she was not bothered to get her act together. A pity party, and a week long take-out filled one at that, was her only daily goal.

Her success had come rapidly and unexpectedly, very much out of the blue. The whirlwind of people showing interest in her work had skyrocketed between Thanksgiving and Christmas and, with the holidays as a backdrop, she had basked in her breakthrough moment. The bright spotlight had turned on her and people took notice. There had been congratulatory emails and collaboration requests all praising what an inspiration and #stylegoals dream she was to them and their readers. She was grateful to the clothing brands that wanted to work with her but was surprised by the terms and conditions they required from her. When the first piece of anonymous hate mail landed in her inbox she knew she had made the big leagues.

But, after the holidays ended and the January quietly came around, Alexa began to doubt herself. Running a fashion blog began as a hobby, something to do after work and on the weekends. Now that people were paying attention, what if she lost her style or became repetitive and predictable? Desperation to stay fresh and sartorially relevant strangled her creativity. It seemed that the spotlight of attention had burned the inspiration and drive out of her and she felt deflated by all the pressure. Early last week she had cracked and had not been on her blog since. She was sure by now that her regular readers were wondering where she was because without fail she posted daily.

An idea came to her, she could start an anonymous insider blog about the realities of being a working fashion blogger. Yes, that is exactly what she would do. Alexa jumped out of bed and opened up her laptop. The sardonic blog would be called “Fashionable: Beware of the Bullshit”. The first article flowed from her fingers and was posted five minutes later. She felt better already. With a spring in her step, Alexa decided to clean up herself and her home before replying to the many emails waiting to be opened in her inbox.

And with this story that makes it six down and 20 more to go! Thank you for reading my short story. What did you think? If you are here with the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge, please leave a comment below because I would love to check out your posts!

P.S. Check out my other short stories HERE!


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