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Welcome to the 2017 Blogging A-to-Z Challenge! I’ll be blogging my way through the alphabet the entire month of April, taking a break on Sundays, for a total of 26 posts! This year I am writing short stories based on a word that starts with the letter of the alphabet. The 26 fictional stories are not related to one another. This is a chance for me to exercise my imagination and explore creative writing which I have not done since college. Learn more about the blogging challenge HERE!

The theme for today’s story is Goal.

In the middle of a stadium filled with 5,000 cheering spectators, the runners could only hear their feet pounding on the ground as they sprinted down the track towards the finish line. This was the 100 meter dash as well as a qualifying race for next year’s summer Olympics and the slightest hiccup would ruin a runner’s chance at medaling. There was no room for making a mistake.

Getting gold at the Olympics was the top achievement in their sport and all of the athletes competing in this race were the best of the best. Many of them had trained together for years and were like family to one another but right now they were competing against one another and they were all hungry to win. The competitive nature of track and field demanded individuals who were unrelentingly focused. None of them settled for greatness because that was not good enough. They wanted glory and any one of them could claim it during the brief seconds of the race. The road to the chance at a gold medal would only continue on for four of today’s eight runners. In a matter of seconds half the group would collapse at the finish line elated with their achievement and relieved that their ultimate goal of Olympic victory was still viable. The other half, well, they would want to melt into the track and disappear like their hopes just had.

In the final seconds before the finish line fifth place made a final push and zoomed into second. The runners crossed over the line and the top four kept running as if they would continue all the way until next year’s Olympic games. The bottom four fell onto the ground physically and emotionally winded. For many of them, this had been their last chance to go for gold because in four years time they would be competitively over the hill.

This singular goal had brought the eight of them together and in a strip of 100 meters it had also divided them.

And with this post that makes seven down and 19 more to go! Thank you for reading my short story. What did you think? If you are here with the Blogging A-to-Z Challenge, please leave a comment below because I would love to check out your posts!

P.S. Check out my other short stories HERE!


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