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Recap: 2017 A-to-Z Challenge

We are one week into May which means another Blogging A-to-Z Challenge has come and gone. This year my theme was short (short) stories, all 600 words or less and written about random words I found from a random word generator. The 2017 challenge was my second year participating and, not only did I have a different theme (last year I wrote travel stories), I moved to a new country right just before April which made writing daily posts and commenting on other participants’ blogs challenging.


As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, at the end of March I moved to Japan. Moving down the street is stressful enough but moving to a new country comes with a lot more work. In the middle of searching for, moving into, and furnishing our new apartment was the month of April. I kept up with the challenge until just past halfway and when the middle of the month came around I was burnt out.

Unrelated to moving, another challenge was writing the short stories. Before last month, I had only writtenย one short story in my free time. Of course, I have written hundreds of page throughout my years in school but I had never attempted a creative writing project. Going into this year’s challenge I was nervous that every day my fingers would rest on the keyboard waiting for inspiration that would never come. But! Each day when I sat at my computer, staring at the word of the day and googling the definition for a deeper understanding, the stories would come into my mind and my fingers would quickly type to keep up.

Another challenge that came with writing posts the same-day I published was the lack of editing. Once a story was written I would usually read through it one for spelling and grammar mistakes and then press publish. Re-reading them now I wish I had planned further ahead to allow for editing time.

Recap - Blogging A to Z - 2017

Proud Moments

Abe’s quote above is a jumping off point for me.ย I wrote 16 out of 26 posts. Despite the fact that I did not finish the challenge this year, I still fulfilled some personal goals. For example, I am brushing myself off and planning to participate next year!

Choosing to write fictional short stories put me in touch with many writers that I eagerly wait to update their blogs. By joining the writing community I am improving my writing and getting great feedback on my own stories.

A few of the stories I wrote still have a hook in my brain and I am mulling over the idea of lengthening them. I am consider joining this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) which takes place in November.

How did your Blogging A-to-Z Challenge end up?Are you participating next year?


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