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Blogs I Love #2

There is a blog for just about anything you can imagine. My blogroll consists of interesting, hilarious, and “did you know that?” blogs written by people from all over the world. For example, the blogs I follow range from subjects like coding to gardening to life during the Victorian era.

There are a variety of ways I discover new blogs: Bloglovin’, WordPress, and word of mouth. If at first glance I like the look of a blog, I will subscribe to it and over a period of time read each post that comes across my feed. After awhile, I’ll decide to keep it or purge it from my blogroll.

Here are some blogs I’m loving:

  • Where to Next?  –  LeggyPeggy is a world-traveler with beautiful pictures and hilarious stories.
  • Stewie Overseas – a Canadian writing about her life in Japan. She has a great series going called “This is Japan” talking about the weird and wonderful things that come with living here.
  • Cooking with a Wallflower – Andrea creates some amazing and mouth-watering recipes. Her food photography almost rivals the dishes she makes.
  • Iain Kelly Writing – I stumbled across Iain’s blog during this year’s A-to-Z Challenge and I am so happy I did because his stories are captivating and a lot of fun.

How do you discover new blogs? What blogs do you love? Share them in the comments below. I’m on a never-ending quest to find the best blogs out there!

P.S. Check out my some more of my favorite blogs HERE!


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