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Oh boy, I am so excited to share this post with you! At the very end of May, Adam and I had a mini-vacation and visited Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. This post is all about Tokyo Disneyland but look out for my post on DisneySea coming next week!

Buying Tickets

When you buy tickets for Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea you must specify the date(s) you will be visiting. There are so many people visiting the parks that very often the parks reach max capacity. By requiring people to pick a day in advance the parks are able to warn people when they expect to reach max capacity. Of course, you are still able to walk up to the ticket window and purchase tickets the same day but you run the risk of being turned away.

At first, I had a difficult time buying tickets. You are able to buy them online but, due to recent changes, all international credit cards require a second authentication. I called Visa and spent 30 minutes on the phone trying to figure it out however my credit card was not accepted. The whole process left me feeling frustrated.

Not to worry! If you are already in Japan you can purchase tickets from select Disney stores. I was baffled that it was easier for me to take a 40 minute train ride to a Disney store, wait in line, and pay cash. In the end all that matters is we bought the tickets!

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Planning Your Day

April-June is Tokyo Disneyland’s Easter Celebration. I know, I know. Easter is long gone but here in Japan Easter celebrations are more like spring celebrations. And because this event was going on, the monorail, parades, and parks were decorated with tons of flowers and character themed Easter eggs.

Make sure to get in line at least 20 minutes before the park opens. There will already be lots of people waiting to get in but it’s better to get in line early. While you are in line, download the TDR Wait Time App. This gives you updates on attraction wait times and FastPass times for both parks. I downloaded this a few days before our trip and periodically checked in to see which rides were popular and when they typically ran out of FastPasses. Pro-tip: Monsters Inc., Pooh’s Hunny Hut, and Splash Mountain are very popular so get those FastPasses ASAP.

Star Tours - Tokyo Disneyland

Star Tours

One of my favorite rides at Disneyland is Star Tours and I was happy to see that it is also here in Tokyo! I took the two pictures above and below while we were standing in line. Of course, being in Japan, the ride was narrated in Japanese. The ride was an updated version and included characters from the 2000s prequels as well as The Force Awakens. It was unexpected, but awesome, to see Finn (speaking Japanese), but not so cool when he-who-shall-not-be-named (Jar Jar Binks) popped on the screen. Overall, it was a lot of fun!

Star Tours -Tokyo Disneyland


After Star Tours we headed over to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, a fun game where you use a laser gun to shoot targets and compete against your partner. Adam kicked my butt! Butt (heh) that was okay because before we got in line we passed by a caramel popcorn stand that was also selling BB-8 popcorn holders. And thus began our day of munching on popcorn. The Tokyo Disney parks are famous for their popcorn flavors. Some examples: curry, tomato-herb, white chocolate, barbecue, and honey. Munching on popcorn while waiting in line was a nice way to stay entertained.

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Beaver Brother Explorer Canoes

The canoes are the the only ride at California Disneyland I have never been on and I was so happy they had it here in Tokyo. We got on in the afternoon and paddled our way around Tom Sawyer’s Island. And in case you are wondering, we were actually paddling! The canoes are not on tracks or powered, probably the only ride at Disney like that!

Ice Cream at the World Bazaar

If you have every been to Disneyland in the States, you’re familiar with Main Street at the front of the park. However, here in Tokyo it is called World Bazaar. There are still the same shops and ice cream parlor but with an international flair. Adam and I ended our day with ice cream cones. They were delicious!

Ice cream at Tokyo Disneyland - 2BlueEyes blog


Tokyo Disneyland was a lot of fun! There are many of the same rides with some new ones and new twists. If you have the option, visit during the week when there are fewer people. And, make sure you try the crazy popcorn flavors!

Cinderellas castle at Tokyo Disneyland - 2BlueEyes blog

Be sure to check out my posts on Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disney Resort!


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  1. Lauren says:

    I already have Tokyo on my bucket list just so I can visit Tokyo Disneyland and the Ghibli Museum. This post makes me want to go even more. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful tips and beautiful pictures!

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