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I am so excited to share this post with you! A few weeks ago, I visited Tokyo DisneySea and had a blast. It is a fun and unique spin on the typical Disney theme park. Check out my pictures and read all about my visit.

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Matching Outfits

First of all, let’s address the elephant from the slideshow above….matching polka dot Disney t-shirts? Really?! Yes, really. Uniqlo sells aย wide variety of Disney character tees and we thought why not grab a set? We thought it would be so silly of us to be matching. Little did we know, matching with your friends/significant other isย the thing to do at the Tokyo Disney parks. And when I say matching, I mean head to toe matching jackets, shirts, pants, and shoes. We were far outdone!

Unique to Tokyo DisneySea

This park is not a water park, per se, but many of the rides involve water and the park itself is centered around a massive lake with a volcano island in the middle. There is a replica of the S.S. Columbia with a restaurant and The Roosevelt Lounge inside (more on that later). There are steamboats going around the water that you can ride to different sections of the park. Plus, there is a gondola ride located in the beautifully decorated and designed Venice portion. We didn’t get a chance to go on the gondolas because by the time we got to them it was evening and they were shut down as preparations for Fantasmic were underway.

Aquatopia was a fun ride to go on. Think Autotopia on water! I also really enjoyed 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. You sit inside an old-timey submarine and dive deep underwater and find Atlantis! Raging Spirit rollercoaster was new to me and a lot of fun. It has a 360 degree loop and it was the right amount of thrill without overdoing it. You can see a picture of it below this slideshow. Weย almost got to go on Journey to the Center of the Earth but it broke down while we were in line and we decided to move on.

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Oldies but Goodies

Tower of Terror is located near the front of the park and looks like an ornate hotel on the outside. I’m not sure if there are plans to renovate it and turn it into Guardians of the Galaxy themed like California Adventure recently did.

And my favorite Disney ride of all time: Indiana Jones! You can see our pictures in the slideshow above. I also snagged a picture of us when we were on the ride. Most of the line was located indoors which was a blessing because it was hot and sunny the day we were there.

Raging Spirit Rollercoaster at Tokyo DisneySea - 2BlueEyes blog

Raging Spirit Rollercoaster at Tokyo DisneySea | Photo Credit: Adam at

Snacks and Drinks

For our mid-afternoon snack break we got ourselves margaritas and ice cream. Adam tried a tiramisu ice cream bar and mine was sea salt vanilla ice cream with a pink shell wafer and surprise fruit jelly inside. The ice cream at DisneySea was delicious and unique. They don’t offer these at Tokyo Disneyland so try them when you can!

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The Roosevelt Lounge

For dinner we went to The Roosevelt Lounge. We had tried going for lunch but there was a long line and we weren’t willing to wait. They don’t take reservations so make a point of going for an early lunch or early dinner. Inside it was all dark wood, leather chairs, and pictures of Teddy Roosevelt. The drinks were delicious and so was the food. I was obsessed with the paper coasters and cute plastic Mickey Mouse cocktail stirrer, all of which mysteriously made their way back to our apartment. How did that happen?

The Roosevelt Lounge at Tokyo DisneySea - 2BlueEyes blog

Photo Credit: Adam at

Toy Story Mania

I have tried various Toy Story competitive shooter rides in California and now here in Tokyo. Let me tell you, people must come every day and practice because our scores below were not that good compared with what people normally get. I am happy that I scored close to Adam this time because when we went to Tokyo Disneyland the next day I bombed at Buzz Lightyear. I loved the design of Toy Story Mania. On the outside, it looked like Coney Island with all of the open bulbs lighting the space. On the inside, childhood toys decorated the line. Massive monkeys in a barrel, crayons, and card games lined the way to the ride.


At the end of the day was the Fantasmic show. We watched the show from a bridge over the canals and our view was spectacular. The best part about the show was listening to all of the Disney character’s Japanese voices. Japanese Mickey still sounds like Mickey albeit a little bit different!

I had so much fun at Tokyo DisneySea. We made the most of our day and still had things left on our to-do list. Next time I go I am definitely going on the gondolas and Journey to the Center of the Earth!

P.S. Make sure to check out my post on Tokyo Disneyland!


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