June 2017 - month in review

June 2017

2017 is flying by! Can you believe June is over? I can’t! It was a fun-filled month. I turned 27. Explored more of Japan. Spent time with a friend from Phoenix. Hosted an awesome game night. And a lot more.

Here are some of my June highlights:

  • Went to the European Film Festival in Tokyo and watched an Estonian thriller film called, “Ema”. It was incredible! Check out the trailer here!
  • Participated in a sake tasting and learned a lot about turning rice into alcohol.
  • Visited Enoshima Island for my birthday and ate delicious food and ice cream, and had an all around adventurous day.
  • Discovered Baskin Robbins is only a few minutes away from our apartment!
  • Succesfully killed all of my basil seedlings. Ugh! I have a problem with overwatering.

How was your month? What did you get up to?

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