Monorail - Tokyo Disney Resort

What to Do at Tokyo Disney Resort

So you’re heading to Tokyo Disney? I am sure you’ll be spending most of your time at Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea, but there is still so much fun to be had in the resort area. Here are a few tips and suggestions to enjoy your time outside of the parks. There are lots of things to see and do.

Monorail - Tokyo Disney


Decorations and Views

Even if you are arriving by car or bus, make sure to take one ride around the resort! The views of the parks, hotels, Tokyo skyline, and bay are incredible. Plus, the monorail design is amazing. There are Mickey Mouse ears everywhere and some of the cars have special themes like Finding Nemo. Check out my pictures below to see the views and monorail designs.

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Buying Tickets

If you’re planning on using the monorail there are a few payment methods for you to choose from. You can pay using your regular metro pass (Passmo/Suica/IC), a single trip ticket, or you can purchase a one-/two-/three-/four-day pass. Keep in mind: you are charged each time you use the monorail, not a whole ride around. We found this out the hard way and in hindsight I wish we had bought a three-day pass. This would have save us some yen!

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Hyperion Lounge

We grabbed drinks at two bars and I definitely recommend you check them out. The first bar was the Hyperion Lounge inside the Disney Ambassador Hotel. The bar is located in the main lobby. They have specialty cocktails to match the art deco theme and some amazing desserts. With its tall windows and beautiful mosaics, it is impossible to miss!

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Harvest Moon Brewery

If you like beer then check out the Harvest Moon Brewery. You can order pints or a flight. They have four regular beers on draft and a rotating seasonal. We really liked the beers we tried here. If you can zoom in on the picture below, there is detailed information.

Beer Sampler at Harvestmoon Brewery - Tokyo Disney Resort

Photo Credit: Adam at


Tokyo Disney Hotel

Check out the beauty of this hotel below. Wow! This hotel is absolutely massive. It is a Victorian style hotel and every detail on the inside and outside lives up to this. The lobby is on the second floor. When you walk in the hotel you have to climb a set of grand stairs to get to the massive open lobby in the center of the main building. I would love to see this hotel decorated for Christmas. I’m sure it looks beautiful!

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel - 2BlueEyes blog

Photo Credit: Adam at

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

I know the name is a mouthful but the hotel itself is wonderful. It is massive in size and shaped like a wave which is fitting since it sits right on the bay. Our room was close to the top and bayside. The views were stunning and I got a few pictures you can see below. I think the best part was the yukata in our room. A yukata is a kimono worn in the summertime. The fabric and design are suited for the hot and humid Japanese summers.

Depending on when you arrive, make sure to check out the surrounding hotels and dining in the resort area. We had as much fun exploring on the monorail as we did inside the parks!


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