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Living for the weekend!

Hello, Friday, it is soooo nice to see you! This week was low-key and filled with lots of work. At the moment, I’m working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the evenings. My lessons are always fully booked since at night the school-age students are out of school and the adult learners are off work. This makes my nights go by quickly because I will teach a 25-minute lesson and then have a quick turnaround time of 5 minutes until the next one. It’s one lesson after the other for a few hours straight. Two days this week I opened up morning lessons. Teaching during the day would be ideal because that is when my husband is at work. It’s a bummer missing out on eating dinner together the first half of the week but it’s also nice making some sweet, sweet cheddar! $$$

Around lunchtime, I threw some lentils in a bowl and covered them with water to soak. I want to make a lentil soup recipe we semi-successfully cooked before. The key difference this time is soaking the lentils ahead of time. Not sure if six hours will be enough but I have my fingers crossed! To be honest, I don’t know much about lentils except that they are delicious (when cooked right!). Anyone familiar with this type? They are yellow and shaped like domes.

Thinking past tonight’s dinner, our weekend plans as of this moment are….nonexistent. Actually, that’s not true. I just remembered that on Sunday we’re going to the Paraguayan  Embassy Festival. Our friend works there and invited us to join in the festivities. I’m sure we’ll make a day of it in Tokyo like we usually do. There is still soooo much I haven’t seen in the city and each time we go (which, in truth, is about every weekend) I make sure to cross more things off my to-see/do list. I would like to squeeze in a hike tomorrow, too, since the weather is cooling down and the leaves are just starting to change colors.

Harvest Moon - Kawagoe, Japan - 2BlueEyes blog

Harvest Moon – Kawagoe, Japan

Happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Living for the weekend!

    • Halee Pagel says:

      It was a ton of fun! Great music and delicious food! And, I busted out my high school Spanish which was not too rusty.

      Life in Japan is going well! I’m loving autumn. Our city has their annual festival this weekend which I’m excited for but also dreading dealing with the madness of the crowds!


      • Stewie Overseas says:

        Haha! Nice. I’m glad you are enjoying life in Japan. 🙂 Autumn is a nice time of year, though for some reason it’s been really hot the last few days. Sometimes the festivals can be too much, but I hope you have another good time.


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