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Celebrating the Holidays Abroad

This isn’t my first time celebrating Thanksgiving abroad. The first time was back in high school on a family trip to England. The second time I celebrated abroad I was living in Sweden and brined and cooked a turkey plus side dishes for 15 people. You should have seen the kitchen after. It was a mess but there was very little food to clean-up because it had all been eaten. After this, I spent a few (frigid) Thanksgivings in Mongolia, albeit, without turkey but there was still lots of delicious food to chow down on.

This brings me to the present: today is my first Thanksgiving in Japan. A light rain is falling, the sun is nowhere to be seen, and it’s a “high” of 48F/9C. Tonight, we’re going to a Thanksgiving potluck with Adam’s co-workers, the majority of which are American. There is a google doc going with food sign-ups and I am salivating over what people are making. Tonight’s dinner is shaping up to be a gen-u-ine Thanksgiving meal!

I think Thanksgiving is one of the easier holidays to celebrate abroad. The spirit of the holiday is about giving thanks and eating a good meal with good people. That idea easily crosses languages and cultures.

Last weekend, we went in search of autumn leaves. The Japanese word is momijigare and it means “leaf peeping” or “leaf hunting”. I took the GoPro with and captured some beautiful footage. We even saw a monkey!!! No joke. A wild monkey. It appears from 00:53-00:55 in the video. Let me know if you spot it! The adventure really put me in the autumn spirit. Happy Thanksgiving!


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