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Easy (and Tasty) Use for Leftover Mint

A few weeks ago I saw an interesting idea on preserving extra mint. Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of the blog I first saw this posted on but I’ll be sure to update you if I re-discover it. In the meantime, here is my recipe for transforming a regular glass of water or mojito into a delicious treat! Continue reading

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September 2016

“30 Days Hath September”….And boy, oh, boy did we do a lot in those 30 days! We did so much this month I’d really like a vacation from it! I’ll have to hold on a bit longer because my next vacation won’t be until December when we go to New Orleans for a whole week!! Back to September: we spent lots of time with friends, near and far, and tried new things. I finished a book I had been reading since….well, since the beginning of summer. Whoops! Now that cooler weather is here there is even more incentive to get outside and do things.

Here are some of my September highlights: Continue reading

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DIY: Spray Painting Glass Vases

Whenever I feel the urge to DIY I scan the apartment looking for the perfect project. This past weekend my eyes landed on the box of vases sitting in the corner, waiting to be transformed into beautiful centerpieces for our almost Halloween wedding next month. I decided to jazz them up with silver spray paint.

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Continue reading

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Wilkommen to Cabaret

When I write the word cabaret what comes to mind? Sultry, provocative, sexy, Nazis? Woah, what do the Nazis have to do with the cabaret? I’m not sure what their connection is to the wider cabaret tradition. However, they are certainly a main theme running through the musical “CABARET”. Continue reading

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Exploring the Gobi Desert

Peace Corps in the Gobi Desert - Umumgovi aimag Mongolia - 2BlueEyes blog - www.2BlueEyes.comThree years ago I visited the Gobi Desert and had one of the most memorable experiences of my life. At the time I was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mongolia, out east in Ondorkhaan (more about that HERE!). A group of Peace Corps volunteer and I journeyed south by bus, taxi, purgon (Russian mini-bus), camel, and finally our own two feet to get to the sand dunes of the Gobi. The journey was loooong and uncomfortable. Imagine traveling with luggage in your lap, luggage in the bus aisle, and people sitting on top of that luggage. Human tetris is real and we nailed it for those 10 hours down into the desert. Continue reading

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It Happened! It Finally Happened!

After 18 years playing the clarinet, last night I played a piece composed by a woman. It took from the young age of 8 all the way until 26 for me to sit in my seat in the clarinet section, look over the new music on my stand, and realize, huh, is this piece written….by a woman?!

I am in shock for two reasons. Continue reading

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Is it Saturday yet?

Another work week is coming to a close and I am in need of a restful weekend. The past few weekends have been filled with travel, planning and prepping, hang outs with friends, The Sims 4, and sickness. All of which have left me feeling low on energy and I am so looking forward to relaxing the next couple of days. Continue reading