December 2017 - Month in Review - 2 Blue Eyes blog

December 2017

Another month, another YEAR in the books. Who else feels like the days were loooonger in 2017 yet the full journey round the sun seemed to have sped up? I can’t believe I’ll be 28 this year. What? WHAT?! Okay. Enough of my jaw dropping incredulity. Let’s move on to the December memories.

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2017 Reading Round-up - 2BlueEyes blog

2017 Reading Round-up

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal of reading 25 books and I am proud to say I read that and then some! I am grateful I bought myself a Kindle last year because it is the only reason I am able to read so much. Earlier this year I moved to Japan and sadly had to leave my books behind. Many of which, you fellow readers will totally understand, have been on my “to be read” list for far too long. The great thing about having a Kindle is I can store hundreds of books on one compact device. Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2017 - 2BlueEyes blog

Merry Christmas!

My first Christmas season in Japan has been wonderful. Even here, the stores put up Christmas decorations and change the in-store music to carols way too early. If I’m remembering correctly, the Christmas season has been going on since the second or third week of November. And I admit I love it. Continue reading

Coffee Festival in Kawagoe - 2BlueEyes blog

Coffee Festival in Kawagoe

Coffee or tea? Which do you prefer? For me, it depends on my mood. I associate tea with comfort and cozy time spent reading on the sofa. However, when I want to focus and check off everything on my to-do list I brew myself a cup of coffee. Interestingly enough, I prepare my cups of tea and coffee the same: a spoonful of sugar and a generous splash of milk.

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November 2017 - Month in Review - 2 Blue Eyes blog

November 2017

And just like that, we are in the final month of 2017. Seriously, where did this year go?? Okay, okay I’m not launching into a year-end review just yet. This post is all about November, the month that is sandwiched in between Halloween and the Christmas season yet still stakes a bold claim with Thanksgiving and the fullness of autumn. And can I just say, autumn in Japan is something special. The tree leaves burst into an array of reds, oranges, and golden yellows. We made sure to get some hiking in this month to soak it all in. Check out my video below!

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Happy Thanksgiving - 2BlueEyes blog

Celebrating the Holidays Abroad

This isn’t my first time celebrating Thanksgiving abroad. The first time was back in high school on a family trip to England. The second time I celebrated abroad I was living in Sweden and brined and cooked a turkey plus side dishes for 15 people. You should have seen the kitchen after. It was a mess but there was very little food to clean-up because it had all been eaten. After this, I spent a few (frigid) Thanksgivings in Mongolia, albeit, without turkey but there was still lots of delicious food to chow down on. Continue reading

October 2017 - Month in Review - 2 Blue Eyes blog

October 2017

This past October I lived by the motto, “work hard, play harder”. Not only was I busy with work, but I was busy exploring Tokyo and spending time with friends in Kawagoe.

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Kawagoe Matsuri

Kawagoe Hikawa Festival

Kawagoe sits about 35 minutes by train from Tokyo and is a major transit hub for getting around Saitama province. There are just over 350,000 people living in Kawagoe and even though it is considered a suburb of Tokyo it has a city-like feel. There are a number of universities with campuses in town which have attracted foreigners, like me, with academics and job offers. Year round, Japanese and international tourists come to Kawagoe to enjoy the Kurazukuri no machinami (Traditional Warehouse Street). These warehouses have been preserved from the Edo period and give visitors an authentic look into Japan’s architectural past. For this reason, Kawagoe is also known as Coedo, Little Edo. Edo is the old name for Tokyo.

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Station Platform - Amtrak Tucson

Video: Taking the train to New Orleans

Snippets of our 2-day train travel from Tucson, Arizona to New Orleans, Louisiana. We left on Christmas Eve and got to our destination on Christmas Day. Enjoy!

Alligator - Jean Lafitte National Park

Swamp Tour in New Orleans

As if our honeymoon wasn’t adventurous enough, we also decided to go on a swamp tour of New Orleans. The city has a rich history and is well-known for being the birthplace of jazz, its delicious cuisine, and for throwing the best Mardi Gras celebration in the world! However, the city is also deeply connected and defined by its relationship with the weather and wildlife. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina, which caused levees to collapse and terrible flooding, is still felt throughout New Orleans and the surrounding areas to this day. But not all of New Orleans’ relationship with nature is doom and gloom. The magnificent Mississippi River courses through the heart of NOLA to end its 1,000 mile+ journey at the Gulf of Mexico and brings with it an entire ecosystem unique to this region. A quick 20-minute drive outside the city brings you to the Jean Lafitte National Park where you can enjoy Louisiana’s beauty.

Boats - Jean Lafitte National Park

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